Uruguay ready for World Cup, 100 Years since the First Edition

Uruguay ready for World Cup, 100 Years since the First Edition

Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay submitted a proposal to hold the 2030 World Cup. The country’s third football association president has met in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday (4/10/2017) to discuss the plan.

The candidates to host the 2030 World Cup actually can not follow the bid process officially in 2021. However, these three South American countries took the initiative in advance to win the hearts of voters.

All three countries rely on romance to win the competition. With Uruguay hosting the first World Cup in 1930, the tournament scenario in the same place a century later is expected to attract the attention of the voters.

“We know there are other countries that are also interested, but I think the 100th anniversary of the World Cup in Uruguay is a very attractive prospect,” said Paraguay Football Federation president Horacio Cartes.

Uruguay and Argentina (1978) have already held the World Cup. In contrast, Paraguay has never held a World Cup event in their country. In fact, they failed to qualify for the last three tournaments taking place in South America, namely Brazil 2014, Argentina 19778, and Chile 1962.

“The initial idea came from Uruguay, not until a minute, we immediately agreed, their existence makes our bargaining power stronger,” said Argentine Football Association president Mauricio Macri.

For the closest World Cup that takes place next year, the three countries have not yet booked tickets to Russia. Seeing the standings, at least one team is certain to fail.

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