Bologna Apologizes For Their Logo Resembles Juventus

Bologna Apologizes For Their Logo Resembles Juventus The owner of Bologna, Joey Saputo has apologized to the club’s fans after the logo for their new uniform was criticized for looking similar to Juventus Agen Judi Bola.

The shield image on Bologna’s uniforms of the upcoming black-and-white season, it has a mixed reaction from the Rossoblu supporters in social media, but Saputo insists that the color scheme is for the sake of style only.

“I want to immediately explain to all Bologna fans after the controversy surrounding our uniform logo,” he told the club’s official website.

“I have read public statements and criticism in various media and it makes me sad because the two-color option on our logo is misunderstood by many fans as a form of humiliation on Bologna’s history.”

“It is not our intention. As you know, since we are responsible for this club, we always keep the club’s historical value, taking note of the cultural values ​​and symbols of this club. ”

“We’ve done that by decorating our stadium, making jersey and apps connecting clubs with fans, publishing books about the past glory, holding exhibits related to our history, holding a celebration with our old players.

“We also encourage school children to visit Dall’Ara to help them understand where the club is coming from.”

“The much-debated two-colored shades of our logo, which I’ve announced, are just the style choices proposed for matchday shirts.”

“Pride in Bologna persists and also the culture of the Rossoblu, which you will continue to find in all forms of goods officially sold by the club.”

“Respecting history has always been a top priority for me and my colleagues.”

“Forza Bologna, forever!”

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